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Hot and Not – A Balanced Yoga Practice

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When we took our yoga practice outside, everything changed. We took away the mirrors. The flat surface. The sign-in. The locker room. The amenities. Natural Hot Yoga in parks throughout Westlake Village, CA and Oak Park, CA. It wasn’t that we didn’t want the heat a lot of us were accustomed to, but the Covid-19 pandemic forced our hand. It forced us to accept the circumstances and try something new. What we learned is that balance in your yoga practice doesn’t just refer to standing bow or other postures on 1 leg. It refers to our practice as a whole, our entire existence as students. It’s about trying different types of yoga, learning from them, and adding them into our comfort zone classes.

Westlake Yoga Co. was born out of what we learned in the park. A space that offers multiple types of yoga under one roof, a place where we can find true balance. A studio that pushes yoga students out of their comfort zone and introduces a new perspective and layers of their yoga practice they haven’t yet explored.

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