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Community and Yoga

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One of the most common reasons people praise their yoga studio is the community. The group of people that join together to practice in a space. Often times that feeling and energy get credited to the building itself, but it’s the connection the people that fill that space create. That energy is what drives us in the toughest hot yoga classes. It’s what makes a yoga class memorable. It’s what makes us go to back to a particular yoga class. The Westlake Village community has always been special. This small pocket of Southern California has quietly been a hot bed for yoga and specifically yoga community. Never was that more obvious than when we all joined together in the park during the pandemic. The importance of a friendly face, the importance of our community and our safe place.

Our community has changed lives. It took a dream and turned it into a reality for Westlake Yoga Co. It is integral to our existence, and it’s why we believe in yoga. For our minds. For our body. For our souls. For our lives. It’s the idea that when you’re having a tough day, week, month, or year – you can come to your mat, look to your left or right and have someone pick you up and support you.

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