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No matter how long you’ve been practicing yoga, Westlake Yoga Co. has a class style that will fit your needs. We offer a full schedule of hot yoga classes, non heated classes, meditation, and sound healing sessions daily. Our well-rounded class schedule allows students to find a style of yoga that fits where they are in their life. Whether you are looking for a high-cardio burn, a mindful meditation, or a healing yin yoga session, Westlake Yoga Co. has an option for you.

Class NameLengthDescription
Westlake Yoga Flow60 minsEnjoy a steady paced, mindful, full body opening with our Westlake Yoga Flow. These classes are built around slowly opening the body with intention and control, in comparison to then higher cardio found movement found in our power flow. Great for practitioners looking to open tight spaces in their body, allowing them to do more of the things they love daily with ease.
Westlake Power Flow60 minsBreath and movement meet to create a power vinyasa class that will leave students feeling accomplished and strong. Each Westlake Power Flow class is a direct reflection of the teacher, as they will all be unique.
Westlake Power Flow Advanced60 minsA more advanced version of our Westlake Power Flow class for students who are looking to try advanced postures and transitions at a power vinyasa pace. This class will offer students the same foundational postures they know and love with a emphasis on expanding into new levels of strength and flexibility.
Westlake Yoga Sculpt60 minsA class designed to push students to what they thought were their physical limits. Taking our power vinyasa flow and adding in weights produces a class that pushes cardio and produces lean muscle mass. Expect driving music that pushes students to their edge.
Alignment Flow60 minsA blend of meditation, balance and detoxification. Our Alignment Flow is a set sequence inspired by the classic 26+2 format with vinyasa flow added. This class challenges students by creating an environment for change both in the body and the mind. Students can expect to strengthen their lower body, core and upper body, as well as enjoy a standing balancing practice.
Instructor Signature60 minsYou never know what your teacher will bring with the Instructor Signature class. These classes are always different, and always an extension of the teacher teaching them. Students who trust the unknown will be rewarded with unique experiences at each class.
Westlake Yin Restore60 or 75 mins In Westlake Yin Restore we hold postures upwards of 5 minutes allowing students to explore their physical body as well as their mental reactions. These classes are built to refresh the body and the mind and can at times be emotional, joyful, challenging and uplifting. A blend of traditional Yin and Restorative yoga styles, these classes are inspired by each instructors specific experience and expertise.
Westlake Yin Restore & Yoga Nidra60 or 75 minsOur Westlake Yin Restore class with the addition of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a yogic sleep. You will be guided through a meditation that will relax you deeply leaving you restored and calm.
Meditation30 or 45 minsGuided meditations offering different points of focus and exploration. These classes are inspired by each instructors specific experience and expertise.
Sound Meditation45 or 60 minsOur sound meditation sessions will relax you, your body, and your mind so that deeper internal healing can take place. Each session will have a wide range of instruments and techniques allowing students to unlock static and stagnant energies in the body.
Breathwork45 or 60 minsBreathwork classes combine different breathing techniques to create a conscious breath meditation that can influence a persons mental, physical and emotional state with a therapeutic effect.
Baby Buddhas30 minJoin us for easy to follow interactive yoga stretches and games for your little ones aged 3-5.
Little Yogis45 minBegin to learn breath to movement and mindfulness with bitesize sequences. Designed for your kids aged 5-8.
Mindful Warriors45 minA Westlake Yoga Flow for your kids aged 9-12. Learn more about yoga through trying on a more structured flow and a greater introduction into mindfulness practices kids can use for life. Suitable for beginners.
Family Yoga30 minGather for a bit of movement, mindfulness, and community with our family flow designed for you and your little ones under 6. years old.
Child Care60 minDrop your child off at child care while you are taking class. We will supervise, and spend the hour with your little ones aged 0-8. Maximum capacity is 10 and early reservations required.

Children’s Program

One of our core beliefs at Westlake Yoga Co. is that Yoga is for life, that includes children. Our Children’s Yoga Programs will introduce kids to foundational yoga postures and meditation techniques. Throughout these weekly sessions, children will build balance and strength, improve their posture, and create confidence in themselves and their day-to-day interactions.

Teacher Training Program

For a lot of us yoga has changed our lives. The way we have changed as people through our practice sometimes pushes us to want to expand our practice in the form of teaching yoga. Westlake Yoga Co. offers a pathway to become a certified teacher through our teacher training programs. These 300 hour trainings will develop an individual from their practice as a student, to offering their own students top-tier instruction. Each style of teacher training will evolve an individuals personal yoga practice, allowing them to dive deeper into postures and learn the reason for each of them. Every student in Teacher Training will develop an advanced knowledge of the body, as well as a keen ability to speak on the mental aspects of a yoga practice. 

Lifestyle Programs

Westlake Yoga Co. has a wide-variety of yoga based lifestyle programs. Whether you are looking to advance your practice, finally hit your handstand, dive deeper into your meditation, or take a journey into sound healing and meditation, there is a program that will fit into your needs.